When you’re doing good things in the world and you’re getting feed back from all positive people. The people who know Vito Lo Grasso the person. Like many in wrestling who do, you don’t expect it unless you open the book. My book is filled with a person you never knew existed. My officiating a wedding, to being a friend, a world I never let people in . I am glad he is coming out. Read this below from Sean Morley aka Val Venis. My boy and friend. Same as Vince Russo has said from day one. Thank you. Truly. Follow Vito on Twitter: @TheBigVitoBrand

My bro Big Vito is an inspiration to many. I first met Big Vito when he came to Puerto Rico to wrestle with us in the #WWC. Big Vito was known as Skull Von Crush at the time and was a big FAT powerhouse of a talent.

Did I mention he was FAT? I mean REALLY fat. Like 300lbs of good old fashion LARD fat. Watching Vito work in the ring, I knew right away this guy had some serious skills and an unmatched passion for wrestling to boot.

Big Vito brought his brash and volatile New York attitude down to Puerto Rico which at first made him a heat seeking missle for some. At first, I did not know what to make of Vito. I was not used to the New York attitude(which lets face it, most New Yorkers lack a filter on what comes out of their mouths).

However, as I got to know Big Vito(after the big FAT fucker moved in with us…..did I mention Big Vito was FAT…..like really FAT), I got past that harsh New York attitude and realized Vito is real. Genuine. Brutally honest and has a heart of gold.
Big Vito had that harsh in your face New York attitude but behind that attitude was a man you knew had a tremendous amount of empathy for others. You could ALWAYS count on Vito having your back no matter what.

The day I split my skull wide open after flying over the top rope and hitting the concrete floor head first(lucky to be alive), it was big Vito that held my skull together all the way to the hospital. It was Big Vito who would not let me sleep as per doctors orders and constantly checking up on me to make sure I was not sleeping.

I could go on and on about Big Vito but I digress. Big Vito is a man I am absolutely proud to call my friend. We have differences in politics and other things as well but this is a man who I hold the utmost respect for.

And before I sign off on this post, never in a million years would I have ever expected the HUGE 300LB+ FAT FUCKER Skull Von Crush would come to the #WWE a few years later SHREDDED!!!!! I MEAN VEINS RUNNING DOWN HIS ABS SHREDDED!!!! Probably one of the most dramatic physical changes I’ve ever seen.

Today, Big Vito is still SHREDDED, in tip top shape & marrying couples in love. If you know the heart and passion of Big Vito, you know this is the PERFECT gig for him. He was a wedding crasher for as long as I’ve known him and now he is a legit wedding crasher. If you are getting married and want a former #WWE Superstar to marry you & your partner, hit up Big Vito. He loves life and will add and incredible about of fun and positivity to your wedding. If you want the very best for your wedding, I promise you will not regret hiring Big Vito to do the honors.