Vince Russo talks to a founding member of the WWE Attitude Era’s Mean Street PossePete Gas. Along with Joey Abs and his best friend Rodney, as a childhood friend of Shane McMahon’s, Gas played an integral part in the WWE at a time when the WWF was bulldozing its competitor WCW. Being a part of one of the most entertaining storylines – the Mean Street Posse vs. Vince McMahon’s stooges Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco – this epic rivalry even topped a WCW ,main event of Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Macho Man Randy Savage “back in the day”. From Greenwich to Madison Square Garden, this is a riches to riches story—with one of the nicest human beings to ever lace up a pair of boots!

Originally aired on Feb. 4, 2016 – The Swerve episode #77