Do you ride the fence in order to be hired by the WWE and have that “one last run”, or do you tell you true feelings to those who WANT and VALUE your opinion? Much truth is spoken tonight by both Vince Russo and Big Vito LoGrasso, as they open the show by remembering and honoring the great, now late, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Revealing some of their most memorable stories with him, Vince and Vito open up their hearts in respecting truly one of the great ones. From there, Vince discusses why “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan chooses to accuse him of killing both WCW and TNA–while putting the legend over, and Vito shares his knowledge and understanding of concussions and the dangers that come with them in hopes of protecting the boys. Vito and Vince then look at what was REALLY the message behind that head butt a week ago on SmackDown.

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