Yes, this one has been percolating for the last month! Since they both officially joined the Brand, OVW Legend Mr. Kenny Bolin, and ECW / WCW / WWE / TNA’s Big Vito LoGrasso, have not exactly been seeing eye-to-eye. What started as a small, entertaining Twitter war, EXPLODES into an all-out, full blown ARMAGEDDON to end all battles!!! Live, on the air, these extreme polar opposites hold absolutely nothing back as their personalities meet head-on with neither man holding anything back! This is podcasting as real as it gets, and Vince Russo the peacemaker, is clearly loving every minute of the ratings bonanza! If you’re only going to watch/listen to one podcast this week—let this be it! And, for the record, Vito’s wife Noel, looks absolutely amazing in the background!

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