To all members of THE BRAND,

This past Thursday I made the decision to move on from interacting through social media in order to help eliminate the every day negativity that infests on the forum on a daily basis. Getting tormented about my career in professional wrestling is one thing, but being chastised in my attempt to help those who deal with the same depression that I do . . . was something that I just could not and would not tolerate. Dealing with depression for the past 34 years has been an absolute battle for me, and attempting to aid those who seek the same help I do . . . is the most important thing I can offer through my platform.

This decision has been a long time coming, as I was forced to delete my Facebook Page a few months ago, when the vile negativity towards me and my career started to trickle down to my wife and family. I’ll be honest with you—it’s just plain sickening to me. To have to take on so much hate due to my philosophy over what a television show should be and the expression of my opinions is just a sad, sad state of affairs. The day each of us aren’t allowed a freedom of speech and expression is the day that this great country suffers its greatest defeat as it relates to our freedom as citizens of the United States.

Going forward, I will still make myself available, to those who just need a voice to talk to, through this website and

If you wish to seek me—I will be right here. I will never turn my back on those that have brought so much to me and my family.

Peace and Love,