Just wanted to take a moment today to thank everybody who has contacted me with all their love and support since I made the decision to disengage with social media. Your words of encouragement are the absolute light of the world. Your positive message is what gives me hope on a daily basis.

With that being said, I want to assure you, that the negative voices on social media have not gotten to me, and certainly haven’t put me into a reeling state of depression. As I type this I am 100% OK. The truth is—I just got real tired of all the negativity and came to the final conclusion that the time I was spending having to deal with it, took away from me doing what was really important—and that is to help spread love and positivity on a daily basis.

To me, it’s just disappointing that many miss my message. In the big scheme of things, whether, or not, wrestling continues to lose its casual fan base, doesn’t affect me at all. I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago, and I decided the day that I started The Brand, that I wasn’t going to put my eggs in the wrestling business basket because I had both no confidence and control in the way they conducted their business. From the start I was going to be putting everything I had in the VINCE RUSSO BASKET. At the end of the day—I have complete control of that and have 100% confidence in who I am and what I represent. Wrestling is a tough and grueling business. Guys/gals have a very short period in which to make money. My message has always been—wrestle long and PROSPER, because when the gig is up . . . life is going to get much harder. I have always advocated that they work safe, since wrestling is a work anyway. Prolong your career, so you can stay healthy and support your family for many, many years to come. That has been the exact message in everything I have ever said on social media. Having worked in the business for as long as I have, and having seen what I’ve seen . . . it’s just unfortunate that many are going to understand once it’s too late.

But—I’ve said my peace and that’s all I can do. Now . . . it’s time to move on. Busy day today. I have to record an episode of “That’s Life”, perhaps tape a new edition of “Bucket Full of Chicken Necks”, and follow that with our RAW/SD review later tonight. Also working on scripts for Rocky Mountain Pro, as our next taping is on December 16th. In the coming days there will be an announcement coming up concerning a new project I will be working on and even with ALL THAT–still trying to get my foot in the door in local radio in Denver.

Bro—as a shoot—I really love you guys. You are the support system that I depend upon . . .and need. I want to be the same for you. At days end . . . we are all in this together!

Peace and Love,