When I was working through my twenties and thirties, I absolutely busted my ass in everything I did actually believing that it would get easier as I got older. There were never any shortcuts taken—and you know what I mean—playing the political game to get ahead. I got ahead strictly on my hard work, loyalty, drive, commitment, sacrifices and dedication. During that time I constantly told myself, “Suck it up now because it will get easier when you get older.

Unfortunately . . . it hasn’t. All of a sudden I’m sitting here committed to five shows a week on both The RELM Network and PodcastOne, writing shows, producing, marketing and serving as Character Development Coach at Rocky Mountain Pro, about to take on a second endeavor in the wrestling world that I know could have the potential to overwhelm me, and spending hours every week, getting my ass up and hauling it to 710 KNUS in Denver with hopes of getting on the air.

I’m tired, man, I’m really tired. I can see it in my face every time that monitor looks back at me during any one of my shows. I’m tired. I’m just getting too old for all this shit. It’s time to take a step back–to know when to walk away because the brain and body are starting to overheat. And . . . it’s OK. My whole career I’ve known when I was at the point of it being too much, and regardless of what was happening at the time . . . I always found a second to walk away even to breather for just a minute. I had to, if I didn’t I just would have mentally, physically and emotionally broken down. I know that there are many of you out there who feel the same way. You know when you are at your limit, and when it’s time to walk away, take a moment, breathe. You have to . . . to stay healthy. 

There are many pitfalls to pushing and pushing and pushing. For starters—it will screw with your mental health. Your mind will never stop. It will just keep thinking and thinking and thinking. It will affect your physical health—you will run yourself in the ground and just feel like absolute shit. It will affect you emotionally. I remember towards the end of my run at the WWE I turned to my wife and said, “I just want my life back.”

It will also start to make you hate everything that you’re doing—including your job. You will become short with people. You will just want to be left alone. I know it. I’ve been there and I know you have too. Everything I’m saying here just brings me back to “be still and listen”. Take that moment, take that day, take that weekend, know your boundaries and know when you’ve had enough. We all have a cap and when we push beyond that . . . things could start crumbling around us. And, all of a sudden you’re in a funk . . . a depression you can’t get out of.

Don’t be afraid to think of yourself! You must remain strong in all areas; physical, mental and emotional, so you have the capacity to BE GREAT.

Rest, man, rest.