It was brought to my attention yesterday that Dave Meltzer explained on one of his shows that one of the reasons Jim Cornette hates me is because while we worked at together at TNA, I forged, or doctored,  other TNA employees e-mails, in an effort to paint Jim in a negative light. Honestly—this was a first for me. Believe it, or not, this is one I had never even heard before. Trying to understand the full concept of the allegation—I actually had to sit down and think about this for a while. My first question was—is it even possible to “forge” another persons e-mail? I mean, literally, how would that even work. I mean, I couldn’t take their e-mails, copy them, doctor them, then mail them out because they’d be in my name because they would be coming from my e-mail address? Right? If I were to actually write fake e-mails coming from other people, then I would have to know all of their passwords in order to get access to to their e-mails. Right? So, I guess at this point I would have to be some kind of professional computer hacker, or something. Right? If anyone wants to know how computer savvy I actually am—just ask Jeff Lane. Anything having to do with knowledge of the computer is ALL Jeff Lane, simply because that’s not my thing. Don’t know how to do it . . . don’t want to learn.

But’s let’s take this further. If I was lying about all this, and I secretly was a computer hacker by night, wouldn’t that be illegal? Couldn’t all those that I worked with, whose computers I hacked into, have pressed charges against me? Couldn’t Jim Cornette have filed some kind on defamation of character lawsuit against me? Wouldn’t I just have been outright fired from TNA for tampering with their secured computer network? Would I actually have chanced all of the just mentioned in an effort to bury Jim Cornette? Or, as a writer on the show, would I just have told my boss, Dixie Carter, that Jim Cornette, the character, looks absolutely ridiculous in that canary yellow suit that he wears out on TV every other week! That I DID. I even put it in an e-mail. 

But, forging/doctoring other people’s e-mails and hacking into their accounts? Hell, I couldn’t even beat Disco in a SPELLING BEE!!!