Late yesterday afternoon I made the mistake of monitoring Twitter once Konnan made the announcement of me being named a script supervisor/consultant for AeroLucha. Knowing and having worked with Konnan on and off again since 1999, the vote of confidence he publicly extended me was something that I was very grateful for. However, it was literally only a matter of seconds before the flood gates opened and the haters burst through the door.

The level of hate towards me, by people I don’t even know, is overwhelming at times. To have such disdain towards another human being because you didn’t approve of the type of television show he wrote—some even decades ago . . . is astounding. Wanting someone to fail, or be unemployed because of erroneous comments that you have believed over the years–with 99.9% of them coming from dirt sheet writers who never made it to his level–is just something I can’t, and will never be able to comprehend.

I’ve worked my entire life giving every employer that I ever worked for my 100%. That job ethic continues to this very day. As many of you, I committed my entire life to giving my family the best I ever could. Taking care of them was always my number one priority. And that has yet to stop. As I write this, I’m still supporting my 3rd child, Annie, through college, even though I now earn a fraction of what I did 20 years ago. But yet . . . there are people out there that don’t even want me to have work. Man, honestly, I feel sorry for those who even allow those cold-hearted haters to be even a small part of their lives. Surrounding yourself with people like that . . . odds are that you’re probably going to go just as far as their short-sighted minds are going to allow them to go.

Needless to say . . .I won’t be going back to social media any day soon—BUT—later today I will be giving Ron and Don Harris EVERYTHING I can as if it were my very first day in the wrestling business.

On another note . . .

Last night I went to see “The Disaster Artist” with my wife, Amy. BRILLIANT. MUST SEE. Look for James Franco to get an Oscar nomination at the very least.

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Have a great day—be a beautiful person today!