WANTED: Looking for TWO CO-HOSTS who have actually put time in LEGITIMATE wrestling business, watch RAW & SMACKDOWN & aren’t afraid 2 be honest about WWE Product. DM me if interested. Big Vito and Kenny Bolin were NOT fired. Unfortunately they just can’t work together.

It’s a sad, sad day for the Brand. After attempting to play referee since the two began working together, I can no longer manage the relationship between Big Vito and Kenny Bolin behind the scenes. To say I am extremely disappointed  in both would be an absolute understatement, because a big part of the wrestling business is being able to professionally work with those you don’t personally get along with. I, myself, was put in a situation where I had to do that many times during my career, especially when it came to Jim Cornette and Eric Bischoff, but, business is business, and you just can’t allow yourself to get caught up in the personal drama that at the end of the days mean absolutely NOTHING. I am obviously big fans of both men, but I’m also not a babysitter. I lost count of the numerous phone conversations where I tried to make this thing work, until I had no choice but to tap out this past Monday.

For those who are wondering, Kenny will still be doing the “Brolin Alley” on my YouTube Channel, while Vito will still be co-hosting “Getting Color” on PodcastOne.