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It’s a WORLD’S RECORD, as the Hambone joins Vince Russo and Jeff Lane in setting a record with TWENTY CASTRATIONS in their Holiday Edition of Castrating the Marks! Almost too much here to talk about: Meltzer Magoo on Pete Dunne being OVER, laying out matches for Brian Pillman, and recalling a move from 46 years ago. Not far behind, Wade Keller, who books “Woken” Matt Hardy and compares subscribing to the PWTorch as being addicted to Cocaine. Ryan Satin picks yet another fight in attempting to sniff the Young Bucks underwear and Vince invites ANY and ALL PWTorch Subscribers to come on his show and explain to him why they would pay a FAN BOY $8.25 a month to hear his opinions on a business he never participated in.

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