On today’s episode of Lions, Tigers, Bears and Disco, Vince Russo, Jeff Lane and Glenn Gilbertti (Disco Inferno) take a close look at the upcoming WWE Women’s Royal Rumble, which is set to take place in a few weeks. Is putting the Women’s Revolution in this premiere spot the right thing to do at the moment, or, could it expose the ladies not being accustomed to this type of match—especially on such a big stage? Also covered, is Vince’s “THE POT” going to be taken away in Colorado, what did Kevin Nash reveal about his last face-to-face with Vince McMahon, XFL News (OUY-VEY), is TNA 6-sided ring an advantage, or hinder at this point, who’s the REAL Braun Strowman-monster, or elf and Daniel Bryan on cotton. Disco also gives you his NFL Playoff LOCK for the week!!!

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