With 9 hours of the Royal Rumble, RAW and SmackDown in their rear-view mirror, Stevie Richards, Bin Hamin, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane are all a little punch drunk as they wrap up the WWE’s week in review. It’s business as usual as Queen Stephanie one minute doesn’t even know that Ronda Rousey was at the Royal Rumble, only to announce her as the newest WWE superstar less than 24 hours later, Asuka finally speaks—though nobody knows what she’s saying and Braun Strowman turns over more !@#$%. The highlight of the show is Bin Hamin staking claim to Sarah Logan pooping her shorts on her way down to the ring. Oh, yeah, and The Boss almost became a paraplegic on what the Marks labeled an “instant mat classic”. Just another day at the office!

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