Jenelle Evans (Eason) of Teen Mom 2 fame, joins Noel Harlow LoGrasso & Vince Russo and drops BOMBSHELLS in an all out TELL-ALL to set the record straight! Taking on every question thrown her way, Jenelle stands tall to the dozens and dozens of rumors that clamor around her on a daily basis. EVERYTHING is discussed including her current feud with cast mate Kail, the FATHER she rarely discusses, was she fired from Blue Apron, her husband David’s temper, testing positive for THC when she was pregnant, is she pregnant NOW, questions about the rumored “intimate” relationship with her and a close female friend, is Nathan impotent, if her and mom Barb have ever been to therapy together, child services making frequent visits to her house, why the cops showed up minutes before this interview and – if she had to do it all over again – would she chose to be an MTV Teen Mom? This is a side of Jenelle that NO ONE has seen until now! If you are a fan of the show–you CANNOT miss this one!!!

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