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What a special version of Castrating the Marks! Having been labeled The Clown Show by both Eric Bischoff and Dave Meltzer Magoo, Vince Russo and Jeff Lane broadcast this week’s show in full clown regalia to not disappoint their critics!!! Joined by Demon Hambone and Broken Joker Stinger, the four sewer dwellers cover such topics as Dave Meltzer raising his voice twelve octaves in excitement when discussing New Japan only after he refers to himself as “The Greatest Sportscaster of All-Time”, Ryan Satin compares Braun Strowman’s standing bass to Austin’s beer truck, and Wade Keller explains why the WWE shouldn’t go after new customers, ONLY after he once again fantasizes about squeezing another wrestler’s checks. Plus, Hambone is announced as the FIRST INDUCTEE into the Russo’s Brand Hall of Fame Shame!!!

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