By Brandon Stransky

Hello once again everybody and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Wrap-up where I give just quick little bullet point thoughts in regards to things going on in wrestling, media, entertainment, news, and other events around the world. Had some interesting things go on this week so let’s chat about it.

Wrestling/Sports Entertainment
-Very disheartening to hear the story about how Ariya Daivari was getting death threats for the character he was portraying at the GRR event last week. One of the core problems that we face not just here in the US but around the world is that some people have a very hard time discerning fiction from reality and that’s what leads to scary and dangerous situations such as this. Hope he is safe.
-Congratulations are in order for Glenn Jacobs a.k.a. Kane for winning the GOP primary for the Knox County mayoral race. I have the utmost confidence he’ll win the whole thing and he’ll do a fantastic job serving the people of Knox County, TN. My only complaint is that I can’t vote for him for anything as a lot of what he’s about lines up quite nicely with what I’m all about.
-As far as all the controversy surrounding the GRR event I’ll say this much, I didn’t watch it, and I certainly wouldn’t have done what the WWE did. Very disappointed in their decision to bow to the Saudi Royals as I’m personally no fan of that family at all for political as well as humane reasons.

-Not much to talk about in music other than the statements Kanye West has been making as of late. Of course he’s got an album coming out soon so that has to be taken into consideration when going over what he’s been saying as well. But I’m just going to cut right to the chase here though, outside of the Twitter fellatio he was giving Trump I was actually finding myself shocked to agree with pretty much all he was saying. When you start talking about freeing minds, independent and free thought and decentrilization, my friend pull up a chair and join the conversation. But yea those slavery comments, no defending those, way out of line and completely unacceptable.

World News
-It was announced that North Korea has released 3 Americans who have been detained by them as a concession to Trump ahead of their summit on the 22nd. On the surface, this is fantastic and a great step forward. However, if you’ve been paying attention to how the game is played for any length of time, you should always keep it in the back of your head that this could simply be chess move. Regardless, things are happening now that people would have never dreamed they’d see in their lifetime in regards to developments on the Korean Penninsula and we should all take some joy in that.

-I have not seen the new Avengers movie and I probably won’t, at least not until I get caught up with the rest of the MCU which the last movie I saw in that was the first Iron Man movie. Yea, I gotta little bit of a ways to go.

That about wraps it up for this week. Thanks for reading everyone and I will see you all next week.