By Brandon Stransky

Hello once again everybody and welcome to another edition of the Weekly Wrap-up where I give just quick little bullet point thoughts in regards to things going on in wrestling, media, entertainment, news, and other events around the world. Let’s see what this week brought us.

-As was announced this week, after years and years of talks, rumors, and speculation it’s finally official, Bill and Ted 3 a.k.a. Bill and Ted Face the Music is moving forward. Having been a fan of both of the previous films, I will definitely be checking this one out although won’t be the same without the late, great George Carlin as Rufus.
-Disney/Marvel also announced this week they have plans for a new franchise to go alongside the Avengers which makes all the business sense in the world as even though Avengers is a moneymaker now, it’s always good to have something else built up that can step in if/when interest in the Avengers begins to wane.

-Another big announcement is that Adult Swim/Cartoon Network has ordered 70, that’s right 70, additional episodes of Rick and Morty which is a pretty big deal and am glad that it’s going to continue. I wonder how many seasons they’re going to carve that up into?

Video Games
-The Mag’har Allied Race unlock scenario is now live on the World of Warcraft Beta and going through the spoilers, what’s been going on with Draenor since WoD could be it’s own expansion in and of itself. Not going to spoil anything but I think it’s interesting what they did with it and I like that one character from the MU had their AU counterpart altered enough to where they can both exist as two distinct, separate characters.

-The time and place has been set for the historic Trump/Kim meeting which will take place on June 12th in Singapore. This will no doubt be one of the most talked about events of our lifetime. Regardless of one’s feelings toward either of these two individuals, you can’t help but hope for the best possible outcome to come out of this. With everything that had taken place in the last year I would have never thought we’d be at this point but hey here we are.

Final Thoughts
-Pretty sure I’m completely done with wrestling. Seeing what it’s turned into and the people that are at the top of it, to me it’s dead and I want nothing to do with this husk of something that was once actually great.

Thanks again for reading everyone and I will see you all next week.