What do you get when 11,263 of Markaritaville’s finest gather together for an entire weekend? The longest episode of Castrating the Marks ever released, that’s what! Everything from Starrcast all the way through All In has Vince Russo slicing and dicing some of the craziest clips we’ve had on the show to date. You’ll witness Dave Meltzer Magoo getting upset that he didn’t do enough research beforehand, share in his jubilation over doing a Q&A, and see him wiggle his tongue like you’ve never seen before. We also have first hand accounts and footage from Brand member Mike Durband including possible heat between Disco Inferno and Hambone, almost getting into a fight with a rude mark at All In, and sneaking into the VIP after-party. Oh yeah, and if that’s not enough, we got Keller, Alvarez, Johnson, videos, tweets, pictures, and much more!


Note: This episode is available to VIP subscribers of The Brand through The RELM Network in both video and audio. 

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