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DtZQ2MFUUAA6idF.jpg-largeThis show tells seemingly two different stories that are tied together by an “evolution”, or as Vince Russo would call it, a “Full Circle”.

Vince Russo was there in WWF in Madusa, aka Alundra Blaze, was at the end of her run, and tells how he believes that she was held back, and through the telling of the story of Sable and others of which he had first hand experience with, how the original “second class” nature of the women’s division was implied.

Fast forward to present day, the evolution. The current drop of female superstars, the injuries, the “Stephanie” factor, and how even though it seems as if there has been an evolution, it is more of the same.  As always, Vince doesn’t hold back as we talk this week about Killer Queens: from Madusa to Ronda, this week on truth With Consequences!

12/02/18 Episode 9: TWC – Killer Queens