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TruthWithConsequences_1400x1400_Vince2With 20 years of friendship in hand, Vince Russo calls on WWE Hall of Famer Stevie Ray of Harlem Heat to sit in as his first co-host. Despite their relationship, Vince lets the FUR FLY as he gets Stevie to discuss maybe some things he shouldn’t. For example, who did he JACK UP in the WCW locker room because he thought he was intentionally hurting his brother? What person in WCW Management did Stevie ABSOLUTELY DESPISE?  WHY didn’t Stevie PUT OVER VINCE in his WWE Hall of Fame speech? Those answers and more—HERE! Don’t miss this!

Knowing I Won’t Do Anything Better by Bright Green used with permission. Visit

06/04/19 Episode 35: TWC – WWE HOF’er Stevie Ray Steps In As Vince’s First Co-Host