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D9dSHRlVAAIPS6d.jpg-largeIn what has been the BACKBONE of Vince Russo’s The Brand for over the past two years, Vince finally brings a star-studded episode of his wildly popular Castrating the Marks to Truth with Consequences—a show that EXPOSES the Dirt Sheet Marks down to their rotten core. In uncovering their elaborate “work”, Vince uses the words of the so-called wrestling “experts” to show that they are NOTHING MORE than GLORIED FANS with ZERO EXPERIENCE in the wrestling biz. From hacks like Brian Alvarez, Wade Keller, Bruce Mitchell to the PWI wannabes, Vince rips off the lamb’s clothing to show the world the SLANDEROUS WOLVES that they really are. And then there’s . . . Dave Meltzer . . . the originator of the FIVE-STAR, FAKE MATCH system. You want to know who the mark’s “Favorite Dave” is—it’s ALL RIGHT HERE!!! Yes–this is THE SHOW that NOBODY ELSE has the BALLS TO DO!!!

Knowing I Won’t Do Anything Better by Bright Green used with permission. Visit

06/18/19 Episode 37: Castrating The Marks Special