For the 150th time, Jeff Lane plays Vince Russo clip after clip of the top marks in the dirt sheet and podcast game saying the most ridiculous things while claiming to be experts. We have Dave Meltzer Magoo who sees a lot of building for the future on RAW (wonder why), knows why the 50+ audience watches NXT, for some reason now may have a piano in studio, and of course knows how many times the Young Bucks have hit the Meltzer Driver on AEW Dynamite on TNT.  Then, there’s Wade Keller, who thinks the WWE ring announcer doesn’t need to say “women’s” tag division match because it’s obvious, hands out major grammar props to Goldberg, books line after line for the freakin’ announcers, and wants someone to show ass.  But wait, that’s not all, as Dave Scherer chows down twice on air and gets called out by a listener, a Mike Johnson audio issue from Taz’s podcast surfaces, and a “Fart or Not” from our own programming. All this insanity, and much more, on today’s Castrating the Marks!

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