It gets WILD in Goldy’s Closet with Dan Stockdale, animal trainer, entrepreneur and brand builder to some of the most amazing businesses in the US. He’s made more companies boo koo dollars than anyone Goldy Locks has ever known! Let his stories of smuggling in kangaroos into hotels, lions, tigers and bears Oh My… entertain you. He’s seen and lived it all and now can show you on his new just how to live your best business life; making you a pro at sales, operations and culture. Build Your Brand With Dan and hear Goldy talk about her penis allergies!

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Everyone wants to HANG in Goldy’s Closet!
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Goldy’s Closet,
It’s what might result in the carnival mirror kitchen of a leather-clad Rachael Ray when elements of The Man Show, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Martha Stewart, Tom Green and Jackass are emulsified in a rock-n-roll blender and poured into your TV monitor.