Vaginas, Clitorises and Vulvas… Oh My!

Dr. Brooke Faught, nurse practitioner, Dr. of Nurses, Sexual Wellness expert and a whole lot more hangs in Goldy’s Closet using the “grow up” vernacular they can’t on other networks! Finally, we can talk to an educated pioneer of women’s sexual health the way it was intended!

Dr. Faught talks with Goldy Locks about how you might not be pleasing your partner like you think you are! They speak many times of the orgasm, squirting, the vagina, the labia, the vulva the clitoris, Erectile dysfunction, and the broken penis?

You need to really WATCH this episode but listen and learn if you will. We are blessed to have someone so raw and real (sounds like someone else Goldy knows?) come on the show and dish it the way it REALLY is. No sugar coating on THIS show!

Thank you to the Nashville W.I.S.H. Clinic for picking up the pieces for women everywhere helping them get their sexual comfort and lives back on track.

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