Goldy’s Closet airs it’s dirty laundry this week with none other than The Rainbow Express! For the love of God, tune in and enjoy this breath of fresh air as Goldy Locks, Lenny Lane, and Allan Funk (Kwee Wee, Bruce) pretty much shoot on everything! Marks, rats, drugs, soon to be ex-wives, showing up READY, indy shows, old dogs, even OLDER dawggs, the funeral and advice of Curt Hennig and the ultimate ribs including Sharpies up the poop chute, and NEW news we can’t talk about yet but Goldy will just say… BIG PLANS in the WORKS!

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Goldy’s Closet,
It’s what might result in the carnival mirror kitchen of a leather-clad Rachael Ray when elements of The Man Show, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Martha Stewart, Tom Green and Jackass are emulsified in a rock-n-roll blender and poured into your TV monitor.