On today’s brand new Castrating the Marks, Vince Russo himself claims to have found the Holy Grail of castrations. Could we finally have the one that can never be topped?  Also, Tony Khan tweets CM Punk about seeing him at a house show 13.5 years ago, Bruce Mitchell continues to focus on skin color, Wade Keller gives Bin Hamin a run for his money with his Vince McMahon impersonation and imagines seeing Nikki Cross at a restaurant, Bryan Alvarez declares “we have a war here” with NXT and AEW, and Dave Meltzer Magoo says TNT would be absolutely happy getting their numbers every week – but follows up in a different clip saying there is concern with the numbers. And, unbelievably, Meltzer and Alvarez criticize NXT for having matches that are TOO LONG!?

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