Welcome back to another episode of Talks with Taeler Hendrix! Taeler sits down with Utah State Alumni, former Seattle Seahawks running back and Superbowl Champion, the Host of Turbo TalkRobert Turbin. They discuss the new norms of life during Covid 19, The Rock and partners purchasing the XFL, the lack of general education on finances, taxes, and buying houses, how to hustle during Covid 19 shutdowns, watching shows on Netflix, partnering with Mercedes, the stigmas of life after football, as well as Robert’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur and starting his own Agency with the goal of helping players succeed thanks to the motivation he saw from his father’s work ethic and gumption. You can find Turbin on Twitter and IG with: @robertjturbin as well as his podcast and charity endeavors towards a cure for Cerebral Palsy and MS on his website: robertjturbin.com

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