Hello and welcome back to the Talks with Taeler Hendrix podcast exclusively on RussosBrand.com! This week Taeler Hendrix sat down with fellow female wrestler and longtime friend, the She Hulk of the South and The Southern Belle From Hell – Roni Nicole! (This episode experienced technical difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances so we do apologize for the inconvenience and Roni still fitting us in her schedule) Taeler and Roni will tackle tough discussions like diversity, racism, gender gaps in pay, the challenges of challenging the status quo, and so much more! Roni will discuss Netflix’s film Dumplin w/ Jennifer Aniston and what they got right with growing up in the south and the culture surrounding pageant life. They’ll discuss their TV childhood inspirations and how they got there. Both will present potential ideas and actions for the betterment of the business and share some laughs and so much more! You can find Roni on Twitter with: @Glitterlicious and IG: @GlitterliciousBangBang and tell her #TalkswithTaelerHendrix sent you!

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