Way back in Castrating the Marks #36, Dave Meltzer Magoo delighted our audience with his preposterous story of being recognized at Hot Topic. Two and a half years later, we may have found the next “Hot Topic Clip”: The Day Dave Meltzer Ran Into Dennis Miller. This story gets dissected by Vince Russo and Jeff Lane as they try to decipher if this story is legit, or more fan-fiction from our favorite tongue smacking “journalist”. But that’s not all, learn how Sgt. Slaughter almost ruined the credibility of Bruce Mitchell and Wade Keller, what Chris Jericho will be remembered for most, and hear more G1 goodness. But wait, there’s more? Yes, why Wade Keller has to wait a day to analyze the WWE Draft, is that a booger in Bruce Mitchell’s nose, and we may have figured out why Lance Storm no longer works for WWE.

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