We’ve focused on the bias of Dave Meltzer Magoo when it comes to comparing WWE to AEW and NJPW, but Vince Russo and Jeff Lane may have the biggest evidence of this yet as Magoo evaluates Roman Reigns and Jey Uso’s match from Hell in a Cell by criticizing them for things that we see in every single AEW match, and says it doesn’t matter if he liked the Chris Jericho and MJF musical number, it only matter if people watched it. That’s odd, since he doesn’t use the same logic when it comes to Vince Russo writing. But Meltzer isn’t done there, as he calls Seth Rollins a “moron” based on something his wrestling character said, claims that going from cable to network doubles a program’s audience, and teaches us how someone can become the biggest fool imaginable. Plus, the PWImbeciles say that the Undertaker and Kane Attitude Era stuff sucked, Bruce Mitchell explains Meltzer’s star rating system, and more!

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