Hello and welcome back to the Talks with Taeler Hendrix podcast exclusively on RussosBrand.com! This week Taeler Hendrix sits down, with apologies about the internet quality, to discuss the current COVID-19 landscape with news and more. Taeler dives into several wrestling happenings from WWE, to AEW, and Impact Wrestling. Taeler discusses Kenny Omega defeating Jon Moxley, WWE’s booking of Dana Brooke, Drew McIntyre’s advocacy for the U.K. to play host to at least one WWE PPV per year, Leyla Hirsch’s AEW Dynamite debut, Dr. Britt Baker’s heel turn in AEW over the last 6 months, wrestling viewerships during a pandemic and more. She’ll address Netflix cancellations and new seasons, recommend a Christmas movie that goes slightly against the typical quintessential romantic Christmas movie on Hulu, give you an update on a Twilight star’s passing, and actor from Elliot Page’s announcement (Juno, Whip It, Hard Candy, X-Men) about loving his authentic self and representing the LGBTQ community as transgender and so much more on this “Week in Review” episode!

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