Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Karl Malone and John Stockton. Great teammates push each other to the limits – they just make each other better. Whether it’s motivating each other, wanting success for one another, or just having that magical chemistry that brings out the best performance, nothing is more valuable than having that special bond with someone that ups your game. Perhaps the greatest factor is wanting that championship, as a Lombardi Trophy or World Series Ring can motivate a team to play better together.

Nobody, however, had the foresight to see that the greatest team in history would be born out of the success and prosperity that comes from winning the Wrestling Observer Awards. Tony Khan. Dave Meltzer. ICONIC. People will look back on 2021 as the year that everything changed. When truly discussing legendary teams, they will consist of two eras: before or after Khan/Meltzer. (ex: Jordan and Pippen were great in the pre-Khan/Meltzer era.) Tony Khan has found the winning formula with Dave Meltzer. Maybe he should hire him as the coach of the Jags?

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