We know that AEW will be getting a second show that airs Fridays at 10pm, but on today’s CTM, listen to Dave Meltzer BEFORE that was announced bury that same timeslot over Dynamite airing there during the NBA Playoffs.  Also, Meltzer gives in to the online mob by REMOVING the episode of his show that Bruce Mitchell appeared on and putting out an apology for anyone offended by Bruce being on the show. Speaking of Bruce Mitchell, he has an interesting version of the events when Vince reached out to him after Wade Keller threw him to the curb.  And of course, let’s not forget about Wade, as he declares that he’s perfectly fine with men calling each other a bitch in wrestling, but when women do, it is sexist.  All this and much more with Vince Russo and Jeff Lane on the newest episode of Castrating the Marks!

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