On this week’s Chicken Necks, Vince Russo has MUCH on his mind!!! For starters, he’s PISSED at some yahoo in his Fantasy Baseball League QUESTIONING his integrity–causing him to MISS OUT on a vital Waiver Wire pick-up, he’s PISSED that he had a HR taken away because his lame-brain player didn’t touch 1st Base, he’s PISSED because Penelope wants him to shut the TV off at 1 am so she could get her beauty rest. From there, why is Khloe Kardashian cutting promos on people she doesn’t know, how many “strains” of Virus are going to be detected until they scare us ALL into being vaccinated, the Golfer who lost almost 2 MILLION DOLLARS because he tested positive and a NEW DINOSAUR as long as a Basketball Court and two stories high!!! ALSO WHY PATREON WAS REALLY STARTED.

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