Have you ever said “oh my God, oh my God, are you…” if you recognize someone in public? If not, is there anyone that would make you do so? Perhaps Lebron James or Rihanna? Maybe Katy Perry or Tom Cruise? What about Tom Brady? If you’re the people that say that to Dave Meltzer, you might be a mark…..if it were true, that is! Story time with Mr. Magoo is back on Castrating the Marks as Dave has an amazing encounter with a huge fan at a Costco 80 miles from his home. But that’s not all, as Vince Russo and Jeff Lane listen to Wade Keller accuse Ricochet of half-assing his way through promos because he’s handsome, Dave Scherer eating a five-course meal in about thirty seconds, Tony Khan not understanding the meaning of “quote”, and much more!

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