From Vince Russo’s “Nitty, Gritty, Dirt Show” (7/3/21)

* This week WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan, did a presentation where he compared various WWE Superstars to various Hollywood movie stars in an effort to display how the wrestlers should be sold to the viewing audience. Some examples: Seth Rollins/Jake GyllenhaalRoman Reigns/Jason Momoa, Cesaro/Jason Statham, etc. WHO is Keenan Thompson and James Corden? You’re not even going to believe it.

* Karrion Kross was punished by WWE Management for cutting a promo on Adam Cole backstage on NXT, fueled by a live in-ring exchange between the two. Find out what started this, and how WWE Management took Kross down a peg.

* New WWE Vaccinated/Non Vaccinated Rules now include: You are not allowed to attend CLUBS/BARS/HOUSE PARTIES or CONCERTS if you are Un-Vaxed.

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