Hello and welcome back to the Talks with Taeler Hendrix podcast exclusively on RussosBrand.com! This week Taeler Hendrix ditches her normal podcast segments to chat with you the fans on several issues she saw coursing through her timelines in recent days. Taeler will dive into detail on clickbait, the accepted levels of toxicity currently in the Pro Wrestling Industry, negativity of band wagoning, and how we can all spread more love and less hate without being a “snowflake.” Taeler Hendrix will address some of the details surrounding Scarlett Johansson and her team’s lawsuit against Disney and Dave Bautista’s untimely comment. She’ll also address the hate being thrown at Alexa Bliss amidst Bray Wyatt’s WWE release. As well as Wyatt’s release as it pertains to the current landscape of the WWE and what’s going on behind the scenes that fans may not know about or understand. All this and so much more on this passionate episode of #TalkswithTaelerHendrix

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