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Hanging in Goldy’s Closet this week is the Pro Wrestling dream-chasing, always training, What’s NeXT corresponding, Hot Tag hosting, pizza-loving girl Izzy! Izzy and Goldy Locks cover her career as the “Bayley Girl”, talk that time Sasha Banks stole her headband, and chat about the obstacles Izzy constantly knocks down!

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Everyone wants to HANG in Goldy’s Closet! Wrestling shoots, celebrity stories, dating advice, DIY, Home Improvement, Health & Fitness & overall funny, sarcastic and upbeat life advice!

Goldy’s Closet, It’s what might result in the carnival mirror kitchen of a leather-clad Rachael Ray when elements of The Man Show, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Martha Stewart, Tom Green and Jackass are emulsified in a rock-n-roll blender and poured into your TV monitor.