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Two complete clowns hang in Goldy’s Closet this week TRYING to discuss and do a movie review for Nightmare Alley. Tom the Conservative can’t seem to contain himself directing everything back to politics. This is supposed to be light-hearted and entertaining but we find ourselves talking about how he lost his teeth this week. Tune in for a major spoiler alert, but three different opinions on the meaning of this movie. My father forgot to zip up his pants for this podcast which seems to be the highlight of the whole broadcast. Please join us for this train wreck of a show and prepare to laugh.

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Goldy’s Closet, It’s what might result in the carnival mirror kitchen of a leather-clad Rachael Ray when elements of The Man Show, Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Martha Stewart, Tom Green and Jackass are emulsified in a rock-n-roll blender and poured into your TV monitor.