This week KINGPIN , Piers Austin and John Poz bring you Case 00116: XPW. XPW is an indie promotion that has just made a comeback after 20 years since it started. XPW isn’t just any regular indie fed, created by Owner Rob Black in 1999 and featured deathmatch wrestling and a number of former ECW Performers. XPW has had a lot of controversies in its original run, and in this episode we break down the creating of XPW, its links to the adult film industry, and a home invasion on one of its former performers. It was never proven legally Rob Black was responsible for the home invasion, however a lot of people believe he did arrange the attack although nobody was charged. Next week we will have a part 2 follow up episode as this Case had a lot of meat on the bone and we didn’t want to miss a thing!

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