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I have to shoot on this intro. It needs to be said. Mother Theresa always said “don’t ask me to a protest, instead invite me to a peace rally”. She knew. She always put her energy into the positive.

I’ve been in two major locker rooms in the last few months. I’ve spoken to some great people and some just so-so. But no one compares to this week’s guest. She is electrifying and legit. I’d been asking her online for months to do an interview. Finally backstage at an NWA Power taping she approached me. She said she had some time with all the kindness and grace you’d expect of an old mountain wizard. Only she’s not old!

Many of you will ask me if a pro wrestler is “real”. I dodge the answers. This time I can proudly say, this woman is. She’s a pure delight and deserves every bit of success she’s earned.

We catch up this week in Goldy’s Closet in a makeup room backstage at an NWA taping with Chelsea Green. She’s electrifying as always as we discuss the intimidation people feel in the locker room. How being entranced by Nikki Bella inspired her, working the independents AND being hired by THREE professional promotions at the SAME time! We end with what exactly Paul Heyman had to say after Chelsea cut her promo.

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