Hello and welcome back to the Talks with Taeler Hendrix podcast exclusively on Channelattitude.com! This week Taeler Hendrix sits down to bring you some of your favorite TWTH segments including Behind The Scenes facts on Pro Wrestling and WWE, Things You Should Know Before 30, and of course some Motivation to carry you through your week! Taeler takes time to follow up last week’s episode which highlighted WWE’s release of Mandy Rose. She highlights that not only do Wrestling Schools not teach how to read contracts, they also don’t teach financial acumen when it comes to performing in Millville states in the U.S in a calendar year, as well as taxes, and the career-span of a pro athlete. Taeler connects this back to WWE in comparison to the NFL and to the release of Mandy Rose. Also featured in this episode is a fan favorite – Things You Should Know Before You’re 30 which highlights hacks for your sneakers, jewelry, and hair loss! All this and so much more on the latest episode of the #talkswithtaelerhendrix podcast weekly every Tuesday as part of the Brand Family! There’s less than 8.7 thousand hours left of 2023 – let’s make them count!

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