Hello and welcome back to the Talks with Taeler Hendrix podcast exclusively on Channelattitude.com! This week Taeler Hendrix sits down to bring you some updates with Hollywood, your favorite streaming apps, World News, a brand new QnA, and a new fun fact that’s all about perspective! Taeler highlights the Global Box Office success and milestone of Avatar: The Way of Water heading for Spider-Man: No Way Home. She breaks down Nielson Company’s top 10 most streamed programs of 2022 in the U.S. This episode also includes a recent medical break through by Harvard Medical School with mice becoming…Benjamin Button?! What you can expect to pay for ad-free streaming in the U.S. Which European cities are paying YOU to move there?! Not to mention movies and TV shows leaving your favorite platforms as well as a new QnA’s. All this and so much more on the latest episode of the #talkswithtaelerhendrix podcast weekly every Tuesday as part of the Brand Family!

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