If you would like to feature on The Brand, then there are multiple ways of getting selected.

Castrating The Marks

Contact: Jeff Lane | jefflanesemail@gmail.com

Guest Star
Each week, Jeff brings one guest on the show with himself and Vince to read out a castration on air! (and possibly get hooked up with Goldy, we’ll see.)

How do you get selected? Just buy one of Jeff Lane’s T-Shirts from our Merchandise store and send Jeff the receipt.

Do you have the dirt? Heard a MARK say something that a 10 year old would say? Send in your submissions to Jeff Lane and hear Vince’s reaction.

Russo’s Brand Family

Contact: Chantelle Air | miss.chantelle.air@gmail.com

The Brand is a FAMILY and russosbrandfamily.com is your place to upload and feature your content. Whether its a wrestling review show, audio podcasts, music or anything creative we want to provide the forum for you to get exposure.

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