The Business of The Business

A brand new groundbreaking series as Vince Russo – for the first time – shows you FIRST HAND the business of the wrestling business. Vince meets some of his students from the Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy, and gets to know his roster as he prepares to take over the writing/producing of The Rocky Mountain Pro.

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Bucket Full of Chicken Necks

Nothing is safe from the ranting and raving of Vince Russo including his own family!  Vince discusses the week in entertainment, sports, wrestling, and his personal life while burying anyone who deserves it. The most controversial one-man show on the internet today!

Watch: Best of Bucket Full of Chicken Necks



The Swerve

Vince Russo welcomes special guests from wrestling and entertainment, diving deep and in depth into topics way beyond the scope of the typical interview.

Watch: A.J. Styles episode 



Vixens Who Rule

An entire show focusing on successful and up-and-coming women (usually hot) in sports and entertainment featuring candid interviews by Vince Russo.

Watch: Karlee Perez (Catrina) episode



RAW: What It Was Good For

Vince Russo discusses full episodes of Monday Night Raw from his time as head writer for WWE. Russo, with co-host Jeff Lane, dissect each individual episode from start to finish as well as the pay-per-view events in between.

Watch: Series Introduction 



Lions, Tigers, Bears, and Dirt

Vince Russo, Jeff Lane, and Glenn Gilbertti discuss the weekly news, gossip, rumors and hearsay circulating in the wrestling world.

Watch: 2/26/16 Preview 



The Russo Rebuttal

“Vince Russo always puts himself over!”, The IWC has shrieked for the last 15 years. But does he?
RazörFist returns in this new series, The Russo Rebuttal, to eviscerate the most persistent lie in the wrestling business.

Watch: Episode 1



Mark & Mark

Internet Wrestling Community members Mark and Mark give their very knowledgeable opinions and insights into the world of professional wrestling. A wealth of misinformation coming directly from their mamas’ basements!

Watch: Imbeciles!



The SuperUglyShow

Rocky, Richie and John, just three guys from the neighborhood in Long Island, discuss, well quite frankly, whatever is on their !@#$% minds. A no-holds barred discussion where the three close friends aren’t even safe from each other! Beware—F-BOMBS will be flying!!!

Watch: 3/15/16




RueTV has arrived on Vince Russo’s Brand! Reality comedy, Con fun, random sketches, improv, pop culture rants, and more. Crazy characters like Tony Malibu, Herb Crackerjack, and Smiley Gibbons show up often.

Watch: RueTV Comedy arrives on Vince Russo’s The Brand!



Scott Casey Gale Show

Brand favorite Scott Casey Gale finally has his own show! What will this lunatic do or say next?

Watch: Vince Russo & Scott Casey Gale Discuss Scott’s New Show