roadblock-16-mainThank God I forgot WWE’s Roadblock was on last night. If I had seen it would have been just another 3 wasted hours watching wrestling. You think I’m bitter? If so, I have one, single question for you–WHERE WAS THE ROADBLOCK? I didn’t see it–did you? The WWE spent the good part of three weeks promoting a glorified house show on their network, where by the time the final bell tolled—absolutely NOTHING HAPPENED. No swerves, no surprises, nothing, just same old, same old WWE boredom.

Did they have the option to do something different? They certainly did. By putting Ambrose over Hunter they could have blown-up the creative envelope and got the masses interested in what they were going to do next leading to Mania, but no, that was too difficult for all those 25-30 writers living in the same box. So what did they do–they did what everybody expected them to do—they put the aged veteran over the wrestler who should be in his prime. I find it highly entertaining that hardcore fans actually believe that Ambrose got “over” in the match due to his performance and Hunter selling for him. Bottom line–a 46 year-old man beat a 31 year-old man. There’s nothing “over” about that. If Ambrose can’t beat a guy well past the twilight of his career–in HIS prime—then WHO can he beat? That’s what the casual wrestling fan sees, thinks and asks—and that’s why he no longer watches.

At some point the young studs need to win–especially when their opponents are closer to their 50s then 40s.