There is just something that happens to me every year once baseball season is about to begin. I don’t know, just get a certain hop in my step, wake up with a smile and even have the urge to perhaps have sex again. . . maybe. I love baseball, I’ve been in love with it for some 47 years now. It’s my passion . . . my love. Since leaving New York, I kind of left my love for the NY Giants behind. In the 70’s I was an avid New York Nets fan, but that went away when the ABA folded. Hockey? I was a Minnesota North Star guy, I loved Caesar Maniago, but hockey . . . well, it’s just hockey and who really cares if you’re not Canadian. Nah, baseball is where it was, where it is and where it always will be. With all that being said–here are my 2016 FEARLESS predictions!



AL EAST:                   BOSTON RED SOX                     Talented Young Roster/Price the difference on the hill

AL CENTRAL:          KANSAS  CITY ROYALS           Balanced line-up/Team Chemistry/Weak Division

AL WEST:                 HOUSTON ASTROS                       Strong all around/Yet to reach their potential

WILD CARDS:         TORONTO BLUE JAYS               Best line-up in baseball

  CLEVELAND INDIANS             Underrated/Pitching will carry them

WILD CARD:                                                                                  CLEVELAND INDIANS over TORONTO BLUE JAYS

AL DIVISIONAL SERIES:                                                           HOUSTON ASTROS over KANSAS CITY ROYALS


AL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES:                                                   HOUSTON ASTROS over BOSTON RED SOX

AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONS:                                       HOUSTON ASTROS



NL EAST:                  NEW YORK METS                            Pitching can’t be touched

NL CENTRAL          CHICAGO CUBS                                 Most evenly balanced team in majors

NL WEST                  SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS             Experience/Health/Chemistry

WILD CARDS:         ST. LOUIS CARDINALS                  Because They’re the Cardinals

ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS        Greinke & Goldy enough to carry them

WILD CARD:                                                                                       ARIZONA DIAMOND BACKS over ST. LOUIS CARDINALS

NL DIVISIONAL SERIES:                                                                SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS over NEW YORK METS


NL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES                                                         CHICAGO CUBS over SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS

NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS:                                           CHICAGO CUBS

World Series:                                                                                        CHICAGO CUBS over HOUSTON ASTROS

2016 WS WINNERS:                                                                          CHICAGO CUBS