I am EXTREMELY excited and elated to announce that Vince Russo’s THE BRAND will be joining the PodcastOne family beginning Tuesday, April 5, with a FREE daily podcast every Monday through Friday. All your favorites will be coming with us, Vixens Who Rule, RAW: The Attitude Era, Bucket Full of Chicken Necks, The Swerve and Lions, Tigers, Bears and Dirt!

Since I threw my mic in the podcasting ring two years ago, PodcastOne, the #1 Podcasting Network in the industry,  was the place I always wanted to be! Joining a network with the likes of Shaquille O’Neal, Adam Carolla, Dr. Drew, Dan Patrick, Rich Eisen, Penn Jillette and a host of others is something that absolutely humbles me, and inspires me to reach new heights that I have never experienced before in my career. Joining the likes of Chris Jericho, JR and Steve Austin on a Network that is the standard bearer in the industry . . . is basically a dream come true!

In conjunction with this huge announcement, we will continue to do our daily (Monday through Friday) VIDEO podcasting on the RELM Network, where you will have the option to subscribe and SEE what you HEAR on PodcastOne–one day earlier. Free audio, optional paid video equals the BEST of BOTH WORLDS!!!

In closing I just want to say—WE FREAKIN’ EARNED THIS!!! I want to personally thank Jeff Lane for being along for the entire ride and EACH and EVERY member of THE BRAND for showing their support through both the peaks and valleys.

I said our mission statement was to MAKE WRESTLING GREAT AGAIN, and now we will have the MASSES to assure that happens!!!


  1. This is Awesome news! I Love all the shows & i’m glad you guys are Podcast One. I really wish i would of been a Member from the beginning but i signed up earlier this year & Can’t get enough of the shows, i listen to all shows more than once. Very Entertaining. Keep up the hard work Guys! Love you Guys!!

  2. So happy that the journey will take us to a whole other level. So happy for everyone, and as the heart and soul of the brand, going to be enjoying the journey as it continues on to greater things. – Big josh hinkle @jjhinkmanpart5

  3. I’ve been a member of the Brand since day 1 on Pyro and day 1 on Relm – I don’t do Twitter – so I’m glad to see this site up and running which I think is better than Pyro! I hope this site gives the Brand the opportunity to chat with Vince like the other site!