After 12 years of service and literally days removed from asking for his TNA release, Eric Young joins his friend and former colleague, Vince Russo, to discuss his life in pro wrestling including; the early years as a backyard wrestler, training with one of Vince’s most feared heels Waldo Von Eric, the early years of the Asylum, playing multiple characters, winning the TNA World Title and what ultimately lead to him leaving TNA.

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Here’s a small sample of the interview:


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  1. Eric Young’s work in TNA has been so varied that he would be an asset to any company he decides to work for.

    I was a big fan of his “heel” work towards the end of his run with TNA as he wasn’t trying to be cool nor was he trying to get cheers or a “pop”. He was just a straight up bad guy!

    Huge talent and a loss (along with the awesome Bobby Roode) to TNA!