It’s about 11pm here in the Rockies.  Jeff Lane and myself had a long. hard day today, launching, promoting it on Twitter, getting the word out there about PodcastOne, SHOVELING SNOW for two freakin’ hours–you’d think I’d be exhausted–right? Well, of course I’m not. And, even though it’s two hours later on the east coast—Jeff is STILL working on his end. We both are insomniacs–that’s just what we do.

So, in looking to constructively use the late hours, I figured I’d post a new blog up on the site. In trying to decide what I was gonna rant about, I combed various websites looking for something . . . ANYTHING! And, here we are, almost 11 days from WrestleMania and absolutely NOTHING is going on in the wrestling world.  Man, I just don’t understand it.  What happened to the business that we all used to love with all our heart and soul? The excitement, the build, the anticipation—where did it all go?  Why has everything gotten so passe and outright boring? As a shoot, one of the highlights on the internet today was Chris Jericho working some twitter comments about a Japanese wrestler he’s said to be having a match with FOUR MONTHS from now.  Is that all we got?  A week and a half from the “Grandaddy of them all”, and we have Jericho working an angle on Twitter.

Man, for those that call me bitter—you are so wrong. As I sit here with the midnight hour approaching—what the hell do I have to be bitter about?  I just signed a deal with PodcastOne, something I have wanted and chased for two years now.  The truth is that I’m actually ECSTATIC!!! But, when it comes to wrestling these days, I’m sad . . . just disappointment . . .and sad.  And, don’t get hot at me—Shane McMahon is saying the same exact thing every time he appears on RAW, and he’s SHOOTING–trust me. Nobody is going to bury his father’s company as a “work”.

We’ve got to make wrestling great again . . . we have to. If we care, we will keep speaking up until we are heard. Our intentions are both clear, and obvious–we want to not only be what we once were . . . but, better. If we accept mediocrity . . . we will continue to get mediocrity.

11 days from WrestleMania and nothing to talk about.



  1. I agree the biggest problem has been the leniency from the fans. I’m sure if they spoke up more and did something like a blackout then and ONLY then would that company listen. I don’t expect much from the wrestlers there who are just happy to get a paycheck instead of fighting for the validity of their careers. But I guess there isn’t much to do when something like a little tweet can cost them their jobs. Nice to see you on WordPress Mr Russo I think they made a mistake by not bringing you back. But that would just one of the wwe’s debacles 😐

  2. i agree vince i read in one of your blog’s about how much you love baseball and explained your love for the giants and as i was reading it i thought man this is exactly how i feel about wrestling that’s why im sad to see what vince hhh and steph’s ego is doing to the biz hope it turns around i’ll alway’s support to the end if need be it’s been down before let’s just hope this turn’s around